Meet the Team.


Stacey Pattison Property Group was founded in 2017 with a single mission: to build strong, long-lasting partnerships that together build financial security and freedom through lucrative property investments.

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Robert Stacey, an Architecture graduate, co-founded the company after soon realising that working 9-to-5 as an employee wasn't going to give him the lifestyle or financial security that he wanted. After 3 years of investing, Robert has now quit his day job and is working full-time in property.  

Major Achievements & Trainings

  • Architecture graduate, 2012
  • 5 years’ industry experience working in the engineering, architectural, and interior design sectors
  • Elite Legacy Education, 2015
  • Embrace Property Deal Sourcing Course, 2016
  • JT Foxx Mega Speaker Training, 2017
  • HMO Daddy – Commercial to Residential Course, 2017
  • Katana Property Training, 2017


Before getting involved with property Aiden had already experienced success running a lucrative car sales and recovery business. Wanting to diversify and increase his passive income, Aiden expanded into property.  Having also previously worked in the building trade as a brick-layer, Aiden has a good understanding of construction and the renovation process. This knowledge in combination with good business acumen makes Aiden a big asset to the company.

Major Achievements & Trainings

  • Successful car sales & recovery business
  • 8 years’ experience working as a bricklayer and timber frame professional
  • Elite Legacy Education, 2017
  • JT Foxx Mega Speaker Training, 2017



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